Superx++ Sample Programs

The following table lists sample Superx++ programs. The programs are shown in both shortx and XML syntaxes. In addition the contents of the output stream after the execution of the programs are shown as well. These examples run through all the shortx keywords and is therefore very useful towards learning Superx++. These examples are included in XppDemo which can be downloaded by clicking here.

shortx Superx++ File XML syntax Superx++ File Output
ArrTest.shx ArrTest.xpp output
ClassTest.shx ClassTest.xpp output
CourierMessengerTest.shx CourierMessengerTest.xpp output
DateTest.shx DateTest.xpp output
ExecuteClassTest.shx ExecuteClassTest.xpp output
ExternalLibTest.shx ExternalLibTest.xpp output
GetSpecialObjectsTest.shx GetSpecialObjectsTest.xpp output
InclusionTestInclude.shx InclusionTestInclude.xpp
InclusionTestMain.shx InclusionTestMain.xpp output
IndirectObjectTest.shx IndirectObjectTest.xpp output
IndirectObjectTest2.shx IndirectObjectTest2.xpp output
LoadXMLTest.shx LoadXMLTest.xpp output
LoopTest.shx LoopTest.xpp output
LoopTest2.shx LoopTest2.xpp output
MixedSyntax.shx MixedSyntax.xpp output
NamedExprTest.shx NamedExprTest.xpp output
NodeTest.shx NodeTest.xpp output
NodeTest2.shx NodeTest2.xpp output
NodeTest3.shx NodeTest3.xpp output
RecurTest.shx RecurTest.xpp output
SaveTest.shx SaveTest.xpp
StringFuncTest.shx StringFuncTest.xpp output
SwitchTest.shx SwitchTest.xpp output
XcallTest.shx XcallTest.xpp output
XserviceTest.shx XserviceTest.xpp output