Download XppHub.exe

Purpose of the program
XppHub is an console application that processes Superx++ programs (and XML requests) which are requested. The way in which requests are made to the Superx++ Hub is via a named pipe. The existing pipe client that has been published with the Superx++ Hub is the XppExt.dll ISAPI extension.

Beta 0.2.4
This version contains the XppHub.exe and XppExt.dll that together handle Superx++ courier messaging as well as Superx++ service requests based on the beta 0.2.4 language revision. Make sure that you download the demo Superx++ programs because they have been updated to beta 0.2.4.

Download the XppHub.exe (console Superx++ interpreter) for beta 0.2.4
The downloads for Superx++ have now been unified into two zip files. The zip files contain the necessary files as well as a README text file to instruct you in the downloads.
Superx++ Source -- contains the source files for C++ projects for Superx++
Superx++ Executable -- contains the executables for C++ projects for Superx++

Calling the Program
Run the XppHub.exe console application and leave it running. It is best to place it in the startup directory so that it starts up whenever you boot. Then whenever requests come in to the web server, the XppExt.dll will send them to the XppHub.exe via the named pipe. You will be able to see the results of the request in the console window. For the mechanics of how the XML requests work, read the Superx++ services documentation.