Download XppExt.dll

Purpose of the program
XppExt is an ISAPI extenstion .dll that was created to act as the liaison between the web server and the Superx++ Hub Superx++ interpreter. The XppExt receives the XML request (that comes in the HTTP request that was POSTed to the web server), packages it appropriately and forwards it to the Superx++ Hub. When the Superx++ hub receives the XML request, it processes it and returns the result to XppExt. XppExt then writes the result to the HTTP response which the web server sends back to the web client.

Beta 0.2.4
This version contains the XppExt.dll ISAPI extension and Superx++ Hub interpeter that will interpret Superx++ programs of the beta 0.2.4 language revision. Make sure that you download the demo Superx++ programs because they have been updated to beta 0.2.4.

Download the XppExt (Superx++ ISAPI extension) for beta 0.2.4
The downloads for Superx++ have now been unified into two zip files. The zip files contain the necessary files as well as a README text file to instruct you in the downloads.
Superx++ Source -- contains the source files for C++ projects for Superx++
Superx++ Executable -- contains the executables for C++ projects for Superx++

Extra Setup for XppExt
1) Make sure that the directory that the XppExt.dll is in is set to allow the execution of scripts and applications. This will enable the XppExt.dll to work correctly.

Calling the Program
To send an XML request to XppExt.dll:
Use an URL that is of the form: http://YourServer/YourVirtualDir/XppExt.dll
where YourServer is your web server's name and YourVirtualDir is the virtual directory on your web server that contains the XppExt.dll.