Beta version 0.2

Purpose of this Language Revision
I have received feedback from many Superx++ users commending this new language. Some of those users have suggested changes which I have rolled into this beta release of the Superx++ language and its interpreters. This means that those of you who already downloaded the software for Superx++ beta 0.1 should remove that software and reinstall version 0.2. This is very easy to do and should pose no difficulty for you. The instructions for installation (and deinstallation) are on the relevant pages for the software package.

1) It is now possible to include Superx++ statements within the value of other statements as follows:
<xout>The cat is called <eval object="MyCat" member="Name" /></xout>

This has the same effect as typing:
<xout>The cat is called </xout>
<xout><eval object="MyCat" member="Name" /></xout>

2) The attribute member in the <eval> statement now only refers to member variables and arrays of objects. To access or manipulate methods of objects you should use the attribute method.
<xout>The cat is called </xout>
<xout><eval object="MyCat" method="GetName" /></xout>

3) There is also a change to XppTester.exe. The displays of the Run-time Memory, etc. will now display the XML with proper indentation. This helps readability in XppTester.

Bug Fix
It was not possible to include spaces in filenames in XppTester.exe beta 0.1. This has been fixed in beta 0.2. If you are calling the XppTester.exe from the MS-DOS console you can now use quotes for filenames with spaces in the path. An example follows:

XppTester "C:\My Xpp\MyProg.xml" "C:\My Xpp Parms\My Parms.xml" -o "C:\My Xpp Output\Output.txt"

Affected Software To Be Removed and Installed
The only affected software is the XppTester.exe.