Purpose The <xpp> statement is used to define a Superx++ program. <xpp> statements can be nested in which case the outermost one represents the Superx++ program. The internal ones are merely processed as no-ops (no operations).
Format <xpp>
   {Superx++ statements}

{Superx++ statements} the statements of the program

The Program Object: xpp
An Superx++ program is itself a Superx++ object. The object can be referenced and even modified using the powerful <eval> statement.
<eval object="xpp" />

will return the entire Superx++ program

<eval object="xpp/class(0)" />

will return the <class> statement that occurs as the first statement within the Superx++ program

<eval object="xpp" member="save">
   <parm type="string">C:\\MyDir\\MyFile.xml</parm>

will save the Superx++ program to the file C:\MyDir\MyFile.xml

Example #1 <xpp>
   <xout>Hello World!</xout>

Defines a program which sends the text Hello World to the output stream.