try ... catch

Purpose The try ... catch statement is used to monitor a section of the Superx++ program for any exceptions that may be raised/thrown. Whenever an exception is thrown it is trapped in the catch clause of the try ... catch statement. The most recent exception raised can be found within the exception object.
Format try {
} catch {
   {exception handler}

{body} the set of Superx++ statements to monitor for a raised exception
{exception handler} the set of Superx++ statements to be executed when an exception is raised within the try statement
Example #1 try {
   if (today() = #29-May-2002#) {
      throw("No work today!");
   xout("Here I am at work...");
} catch {

Prints the string No work today! to the output stream if the date is 29th May 2002; otherwise, prints the text Here I am at work... to the output stream.