Purpose The <post> statement is used to send a Superx++ object or XML node (with any contained nodes) to a URL via the POST method of the HTTP protocol.
Superx++ Version The <post> statement was introduced to the Superx++ language in beta 0.2.2.
Format <post object="{Superx++ object or XML node}">

{Superx++ object or XML node} the name of the Superx++ object or the XML node to be posted
{URL} the URL to which the Superx++ object or the XML node would be POSTed
Example #1 <node name="MyXML">
      <Emp var_int_Age="30">
               <Street>The Nice Road</Street>
               <Street>56 Hope Road</Street>
      <Emp var_int_Age="77">
            <Street>1 Kijabe Street</Street>
            <City>Some Place</City>

<post object="MyXML">http://MyServer/MyDir/MyPage.asp</post>

creates a node called MyXML and POSTs it to the URL.