Purpose The <dbconnect> statement is used to create a connection to a database. This first implementation of the Superx++ run-time engine for Microsoft Windows uses an ODBC connection for this.
Format <dbconnect name="{conn name}">
   <connectstring>{connect string}</connectstring>
   <uid>{user id}</uid>
   <pwd>{user pwd}</pwd>
{conn name} the name to be assigned to the connection object once it is created-- it will be used by the other Superx++ database statements
{connect string} the database connect string used to make the connection
{user id} the user id-- not necessary if included in the {connect string}
{user pwd} the user password-- not necessary if included in the {connect string}
Example #1 <dbconnect name="MyDbConn">
   <uid />
   <pwd />

Creates a database connection called MyDbConn using the connect string specified above.