Download XppConsole.exe

Purpose of the program
XppConsole is an DOS console application that is a stand alone interpreter for Superx++ programs. XppConsole is a handy tool for generating output files of the run-time memory, class run-time memory and the output stream contents of Superx++ programs. XppConsole must be invoked with command line arguments. As such there is no reason why it cannot be incorporated into a CGI environment or be invoked by other applications you have already. It is simple to configure since all you have to do is download it. From there it works fairly simply.

Beta 0.2.4
This version contains the XppConsole.exe (stand alone DOS console Superx++ interpreter) that interprets Superx++ programs based on the beta 0.2.4 language revision. Make sure that you download the demo Superx++ programs because they have been updated to beta 0.2.4.

Download the XppConsole (stand-alone Superx++ interpreter) for beta 0.2.4
The downloads for Superx++ have now been unified into two zip files. The zip files contain the necessary files as well as a README text file to instruct you in the downloads.
Superx++ Source -- contains the source files for C++ projects for Superx++
Superx++ Executable -- contains the executables for C++ projects for Superx++

Calling the Program
To invoke the XppConsole from the console, enter one or more of the arguments that you need in the command line. All the arguments are optional. The arguments are:
1) the first argument in the command line is the Superx++ program, specified as actual Superx++ code or the path to the file containing the Superx++ program
2) the second argument is the input stream to be passed into the Superx++ program, specified as actual Superx++ code or the path to the file containing the input stream
3) -m {file} = save the run-time memory to the {file}
4) -c {file} = save the class run-time memory to the {file}
5) -o {file} = save the output stream contents to the {file}
6) -i {file} = save the input stream contents to the {file}
7) -p {file} = save the current definition of the Superx++ program to the {file}
8) -e {file} = save the last exception to the {file}

The following call specifies all the arguments and will open the GUI. Please note that for this call to work, you will need to have C:\XppDemo in your PATH environment variable, or you will have to be in the directory in which the XppConsole.exe is. Alternatively, you can specify the path to the XppConsole.exe in the call itself:

XppConsole C:\XppDemo\test4.xml C:\XppDemo\MyParms.xml -m C:\XppDemo\MyMem.xml -o C:\XppDemo\MyOut.txt -i C:\XppDemo\MyXin.xml -c C:\XppDemo\MyClasses.xml -p C:\XppDemo\MyXpp.xml -e C:\XppDemo\MyExcept.xml